Website Maintenance Plans

Relax, we’ve got you covered. 

Let us take a big weight off your shoulders by maintaining the health of your website. 

Similar to the routine maintenance required for your car, websites also require care to function at their best. Your website operates tirelessly, serving you and your customers around the clock, every day of the year—it’s a vital asset to your business.

However, with great functionality comes vulnerability. Websites are frequently targeted by hacking attempts, malicious code injections, and software conflicts. We’re here to provide assistance in addressing these challenges.

We partner with industry leaders to provide you the best WordPress service on the market.

5 Key Reasons Quality Maintenance = Quality Performance


Ensuring your website’s software and plugins remain up-to-date effectively will patch any vulnerabilities and prevent hacks.


Consistent website optimizations ensure the efficient operation of your site. An optimized website contributes to faster page speeds, ensuring satisfaction for both customers and web crawlers.

SEO & Visibility

The health of your website directly impacts your search engine rankings. Google Search may blacklist your website upon detecting malware on it.


Website downtime can mean lost revenue, so it’s important to actively monitor your website’s uptime and react quickly to any issues that may have caused your site to crash.

Website & Database Back Ups

Regular backups of your website content files and database will keep you prepared for any unexpected occurrences.

Our Website Maintenance Plans Include

1 hour/month of basic website updates +

Security & Uptime

Your website will get constant security monitoring. You’ll have 24/7 website monitoring to make sure your online business is available for your customers.

Performance Optimization

We’ll do regular cleaning of your website to keep it running fast and smooth.

Version Control System

Development, staging and production environments


We manage daily backups of all 3 environments and also store an offsite backup for easy restoration if anything goes wrong.


Management of deploying new versions of your site to production after updates on staging.



We’ll make sure your software and plugins are kept up-to-date each month.


Free SSL setup and installation. License to Premium Divi Theme. License to Premium Agency Plugins: Gravity Forms, Rank Math


We’re available for support, just reach out to your project manager.

No obligation. We don’t like binding contracts either, so our plans can be cancelled at any time with a 30 day notice.  

**Please Note: In order to qualify for our basic maintance plan (hosting not included), you will need to have first purchased your hosting account through our hosting partner WP Engine, you can get that setup here.

**Basic updates include text and image edits or the current website structure. Requests for development of new sections, work on plugins, integrations or DNS or any other 3rd party systems are out of scope of the maintenance plan.


Website Maintenance


Website Maintenance + Hosting


Website Maintenance + Hosting + HIPPA Level Security


** To signup, please request an invoice through your project manager.

How does the 1 hour per month of basic website updates get distributed? 

We front-load your web support hours to be available right away for the rest of the duration of the year, so that you can use them right away. 

For example if you signup in January, you will have 12 hours available to you to use right away in January. 

If you signup in July then you will have 6 hours to be used right away. 

Hours are replenished each year in January. 

**If you decide to cancel your maintenance package after you have already used your support hours for the year,  you will need to process a final payment to cover the cost of those hours at a rate of $140/hour.


What happens if my website goes down?

In times of emergency outages, count on us for assistance.

Since we monitor the uptime of your website, if your site encounters an outage, usually we’re already aware and on it. If your website isn’t loading, we’ll notify you promptly. Our initial response will be to liaise with our partner at WP Engine to resolve the issue with them. Once we have ruled out common factors, we will investigate the issue further.

Should you detect any downtime or compromise on your site, and if we haven’t contacted you yet, please reach out via your usual Priority Support channel.

What do I do if I need something built above and beyond my plan?

If you have a task that is beyond what is included in your plan, we will submit a quote for you to approve separately.

How will I be charged?

Your payment will automatically be processed on the first of the month, you will receive a receipt via email from our merchant processor Honey Books. 

Can I cancel anytime?

You have the option to cancel your monthly care package at anytime. However, since we add all 12 website update hours for the year to your account to be used right away, if those hours have already been used up you will need to process a payment for those hours of work at our hourly rate of $140/hour. 

How can I get priority support?

Our clients are our top priority. Send us a a note a anytime with questions or concerns and we will follow up right away with an action plan.

Best point of contact is through email with your primary project manager.

You can expect a response from us within 1-2 business days, during regular business hours. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST. There may be a delay during holidays.